Nationalpark Hohe Tauern

Natura Mystica on Kachlmoor

Art on the moor

On the "shady side" of Heiligenblut am Grossglockner, a rock face looms hundreds of metres up that is divided by a split, as if a giant had struck the rock with his mighty axe. It is out of this split that the Gössnitz river thunders as a powerful waterfall more than 70 metres into the valley! This hike together with the "Natura Mystica" nature trail on Kachlmoor makes for a lovely half-day excursion in the Hohe Tauern National Park. 

Art, nature and mysticism have been united on this path. Metal art installations present stories about nature in German and English in a subtle form for you to read. Kachlmoor is marsh land formed by a landslide after the receding of the Pasterze glacier during the late ice age, and today is one of the most important habitats for amphibians (European grass frog, yellow-bellied toad) in the Hohe Tauern region.

  • Trail description:     

    The hike starts at the Retschitz car park in the Heiligenblut district of Winkl. There, a stone spiral and the entrance portal show the way to the Natura Mystica trail. From the entrance portal, the path leads you into the forest to the first stations of the themed trail, where you can touch the moss and listen to the water. First, the narrow path leads to the "Hollaleitisch-creatures", forest spirit sprouting out of the ground and smooth rocks. The path then continues to a grey alder forest and a distinctive boulder. You will discover special forms when you examine it with the magnifying glass. Following the signs, the path continues to the eponymous Kachlmoor. Frogs and newts have made their home here. Why the Hohe Tauern region and other sensitive areas are protected natural spaces is explained on a board at the stone spiral at the Zasch car park.

    After crossing the river, you can continue to the water mill or rest at Feuerinsel. After the mill, you will follow the old water supply pipes and the course of the river to the gorge bridge. After crossing it, there is a path that will take you to the spectacular Gößnitzfall (Gößnitz waterfall) where a cool veil of spray water will refresh you. The sight of the 70-metre high Gößnitzfall is impressive. Following your descent, the path continues to the final three stations on the themed trail. Here, ear trumpets invite you to listen to the forest. After a short distance back to Kachlmoor, the last part of the route back to the starting point of the hike is the same as the first part.

    Starting point:         

    Heiligenblut, "Reschitzbrücke" car park (district of Winkl)

    Arriving by public transport:      

    Information at

    Trail conditions:    

    Good (sturdy footwear required)


    Kachlmoor: Bottle sedge, smooth horsetail, marsh bedstraw, purple marshlocks, marsh valarian; grass frogs, common toad, Alpine newt, yellow-bellied toad


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  • With the car

    From Klagenfurt:

    A2 to Villach, A10 from Villach to Spittal - Motorway exit Lendorf – Möllbrücke, further on B100 Drautalstraße, turn right into Möllvalley (Mölltal) at the exit Lurnfeld/Möllbrücke; take B106 Mölltalstreet to Winklern, than turn right on B107 Großglockner Straße to Heiligenblut - Winkl

    From Salzburg:

    Per  Großglockner High Alpine Road (only from Mai to Oktober, toll road!): München - Kufstein - Pass Thurn - Mittersill - Bruck - Fusch – Großglockner High Alpine Road – Heiligenblut - Winkl


    With public transport*

    From Vienna:

    via Salzburg, Bischofshofen and Böckstein to Mallnitz-Obervellach train station; take the bus 5108 via Obervellach and Winklern to Heiligenblut in Ktn - Winkl 

    From Klagenfurt:

    via Villach  to Spittal/Drau; from there take bus 5108 to Heiligenblut via Obervellach and Winklern; Station: Heiligenblut in Ktn - Winkl 

    From Lienz in Osttirol:

    with bus 942 to Winklern im Mölltal busterminal, go on with bus linie 5108 to Heiligenblut in Ktn - Winkl

    From Heiligenblut to Rangersdorf

    To reach the best starting points für your journeys into nature, a "Hikingcab" is available in the upper Möllvalley.

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