Nationalpark Hohe Tauern

the emerald valley

  • The tour starts at the Habachtal parking lot and will lead us along the emerald trail to the Enzianhütte hut. The ranger will tell us all about the highlights of the Trogtal valley and the glimmering green gems hidden there: precious emeralds, a local natural resource. Once we have crossed the Habachbrücke bridge, we will follow the meandering trail through an area with an exceptionally high number of wells. Soon after, a footbridge will lead us to a large rock in the middle of a mountain stream, and we will be able to experience the wild character and the gushing sounds of the mountain stream up close. At the end of the hike, the ranger will show us how to find rocks and gems and where we are allowed to search for them. Those how still feel strong enough can continue the hike on their own or hike back to the point of departure of the tour. And those who need a little rest can take a taxi back to the parking lot.

    For centuries, the Hohe Tauern region has been a famous location for mineral findings. During the formation of the Alps, pressure- and temperature-related conditions have led to the formation of numerous minerals. So far, 220 different kinds have been discovered here, such as gold, silver, rock crystal and emeralds.



    • sturdy hiking boots
    • protection from sun and rain
    • backpack with snacks and drinks
    • appropriate clothing

    This tour and all guided excursions require a good physical condition and a certain degree of stamina.

    For Guests of the Ferienregion Nationalpark Hohe Tauern, showing the guest card is the hike free.


    Bramberg - Habachtal


    each Monday
    from 13.07 - 07.09.2020


    Meeting point:
    12:30 Uhr
    Parking area Infopoint Habachtal


    ca. 4 hours


    Adult: 11 €
    Kids from 10 to 16 years accompanied by parents free




    Nationalpark administration Salzburg
    +43 (0 ) 6562 40849 33
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