Vital force...

..a hard Life and vital force

One third of all plant species found in Austria and about 10,000 species of animal live in the Hohe Tauern National Park. Here, eight months of the year are dominated by deep winter, while spring and autumn hardly take place at all. High mountain animals and plants have to be specialists in coping with stress. Many of them have developed very special adaptations in their physical structure, physiology and behaviour. They are therefore able to survive only here. It is not possible for them to switch to other habitats.

During the summer months, the Hohe Tauern mountain region therefore radiates an incredible vital force: innumerable flowering plants put out vividly coloured blossoms, enticing insects to pollinate them with their strong scents. Dazzling seas of flowers cover the mountain meadows. snow grouses flock together on their courtship grounds, marmots sun themselves on flat rocks, while ravens perform real aerobatics. The flora and fauna show themselves in all their magnificence and vitality.


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