Nationalpark Hohe Tauern



National park rangers will accompany you through this varied and unique mountain landscape.


Immerse yourself in the innermost, the mystical, the silent part of the mountain. Wonderful insights and impressive views await you at the Hohe Tauern National Park.


Summer pleasure tour - Meet the Big Five

Nature Watch: Meet the Big Five on a wildlife observation safari


The historic aspects of this very ancient Roman road make this challenging tour a real treat.


Gamsgrube educational nature trail

A nature trail above the impressive Pasterze glacier leading right in the middle of the heart of the nationalpark!


The so called Hohe Tauern Window or “Tauernfenster” is a geological wonder of the national park.


Untouched forests such as the Rauris Virgin Forest with its ponds in the bog, ancient narrow spruces, fallen trees and clearings are a real rarity.

Our national park rangers
Passion and a calling

Nobody knows the park as well as they do: You will experience the best of the protected area thanks to our rangers.

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