Nationalpark Hohe Tauern

Kalser Dorfertal

The fate of the Kalser Dorfertal (Dorfer valley) is closely linked to that of the national park. 

Had the planned dam actually been built, there would not only have been a beautiful and rugged valley drowned in water, also the concept of the national park would have been sunk in the truest sense of the word. It is thanks to the resistance of the citizens of Kals that we are able to still admire the flower-adorned Alpine meadows to this day. Apart from the traditional cultural landscape the Kalser Dorfertal (Kals Dorfer valley) also has another attraction – it has twice been the scene of the release of bearded vultures in the national park, the last time in the summer of 2010. Upon reaching the Tauernhaus after approximately 2 hours, you can't fail to notice the impressive waterfall behind the building that falls into the depths.

  • Trail description: 
    The forest road that is initially wide and flat leads you along the river past rugged cliffs of calcareous slate, through which the Kalserbach has carved a deep gorge – Dabaklamm. If you step out of the gorge, your eyes will be welcomed by the view of beautiful Alpine pastures. Leisurely family walk in a rugged valley along the Alpine river up to the Kalser Tauernhaus.


    Starting point: 
    Hotel Tauerwirt, 9981 Kals


    Arriving by public transport: 
    National park's "Wanderbus" in the summer months.


    Hike length / walking time / metres of climbing: 
    Approx. 12 km / approx. 4 – 5 hrs / 400 m (there & back)


    Opening times: 
    June to October


    Gorge, original mountain river, Alpine pastures, chamois


    Refreshment points: 
    Kalser Tauernhaus 
    Berger Alm


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