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On 4th July 2017, 5 griffon vultures were fitted with satellite transmitter markers at the Vulture Station of the Lago di Cornino Nature Reserve (Friuli, Italy). As part of the LE funded project “Large Birds of Prey in the Hohe Tauern National Park”, four of them were tagged with a transmitter on behalf of the Hohe Tauern National Park. The aim was to generate additional data, not only regarding the griffon vultures’ local forays and space utilisation, but also about the inter-linkage between their breeding grounds in Croatia and Friuli and the area where they over-summer in the Hohe Tauern. This is another example of the importance of international cooperation for the protection of vulture species.

The satellite transmitters were fastened with elastic bands, just like a rucksack. This system had already been used successfully in the project for the Reintroduction of Bearded Vulture in the Alps, where it had proved to be very animal-friendly. The highly efficient solar-operated satellite transmitters send their GPS position over the GSM network and can provide as many as 500 location-fixes per day.

The itineraries of the 5 vultures can be followed online by means of maps. For security reasons, the maps only show a single location for each day and with one day’s delay. If you click on the position you will get information about the relevant time and date. The coloured lines show direct connections between successive positions. The data are updated as soon as the transmitters send new information by SMS.

If you spot the griffon vulture in the wild, please let us know about it at



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